Play your game with confidence

Play your game with confidence

Whether you are a starting golfer or an experienced golfer, in both cases, full confidence in a good outcome will positively influence your game.
The starting golfer will gain confidence as he hits one or more good passes. An experienced golfer will gain confidence as he hits good balls on the driving range and can rely on its techniques. 

Playing with confidence is tantamount to playing with a stick that you can trust. Trust is the most important ingredient for any athlete, likewise for golfers. Do not directly lose your courage but stick to your confidence. 

Confidence, peace and control

The hardest part of the game is to play your own game. Control your emotions to maintain confidence. Do not mind other people's score but concentrate on your technique, and above all, your confidence.
It's no coincidence that we’re saying, play the ball to a place where you can come off easily. The ‘easiest’ place is very personal, only you can decide what is easy or challenging in a game. 

Don’t beat yourself up, be your own caddy and remember it’s just a game

How to play your best game?
Know your techniques, know how far you can hit the ball with the stick and know how to use the different circumstances in your advance. Don’t judge your passes, enjoy playing the game and hitting good golf shots.  


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